Accelerated Loss Of Mains Change Programme

What Is The Accelerated Loss Of Mains Change Programme?

The Accelerated Loss Of Mains Change Programme is taking place across Great Britain (excluding Northern Ireland) which is being run by both the National Grid and the DNO's. This scheme is only available for a limited time so act quickly to secure funding for your site.


The reason for this is to update the LOM (Loss Of Mains) protection for existing Renewable Energy Generators. One of the main benefit of this is to reduce the amount of tripping by relaxing the RoCoF limits (rate of change of frequency).


So, this programme is designed to get all existing sites updated and a Grant scheme is being rolled out on a first come first served basis. This will save you up to £4000 which if you miss out on the funding you will need to do at a later date as this is a compulsary change being introduced.


We can upgrade your Relay for FREE ensuring you stay compliant with the latest grid code. All you need to do is register your site with us ASAP.


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Accelerated Loss Of Mains Change Programme Process

What To Do Next...


  1. Fill in the application form below

We will let you know ASAP whether we are able to upgrade your relay or ask further questions to learn more.

  1. Provide some additional site details

If we are able to help, we will request for you to sign a 'Letter of Authority' form to enable us to act on your behalf and carry out the upgrade for you. We will also need some additional site details.

  1. Our Engineers perform the upgrade

We will arrange a time to perform the upgrade. An engineer will visit your site and perform the necessary changes.

  1. We collect payment from the programme

We won’t charge you anything — the application, works and verification will be free of charge for you and we will be paid by the programme.


We are a listed contractor with the ENA to carry out these works.




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