G100 Export Limitation Commercial Solutions

Here's a good example of one of our more recent panels. The customer wanted a 100Kw Solar PV system but the DNO would only allow a 50Kw system so where as before this would be a stumbling block for customers not anymore. We built them a bespoke G99 panel with G100 Export Limitation controls in. The system was installed with 6 inverters for the 100Kw system and the DNO only wanted a maximum of 72amps export. What we built was a G99 panel and for each inverters outgoing way built in the panel we also installed a contactor for each outgoing way so when the export reached 72amps the G99 panel would stop any additional export back to the DNO.


This technology has been accepted by just about all the DNO's now and we have carried out the relevant tests with several of the protection engineers from the DNO so we can prove to them how our technology will work to the DNO parameters. We incorporate these tests with our normal G99  witness tests. We have installed and commissioned these systems in the following DNO areas;

  • UK Power Networks
  • Northern Power Grid
  • SSE (Scotland & Southern England)
  • Western Power Distribution (All Areas)
  • Electricity North West


Our G100 Export Limitation complies with the relevent G100 Engineering Recommendations and we can provide a copy of the Appendix C Certification that your local DNO will ask you for to deomstrate that the equipment you intend to use is fully G100 compliant.


This solution best suits sites with higher usage as when the export limit is reached we are shutting down the additional inverters which will stop producing. The inverters will then regenerate once the system falls back within the export limits set.


If you have any questions on how this works or how this could be incorporated into one of your projects please feel free to get in touch anytime just. We have different solutions we can tailor to suit your project so get in touch today and discuss your requirements.




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