G100 Export Limitation Domestic Solutions

With more and more Homeowners etc choosing to look at ways to save on the rising energy costs, larger PV Systems incluing Battery Storage are becoming more and more popular. This then poses additional problems with many of the Distribution Network Operators (DNO's) in regards to what they can accept back on to there Network.


Many solutions are deisgned with the Battery Storage as they don't want to send power back to the Grid but the DNO's are always looking at the maximum potential. What happens on a Sunny Day and something fails and the power is then being sent donw the Network and the Network can't facilitate this? 


Our soultion is simple! We can supply a Backstop failsafe that ensures that any excess power above the permitted Export Limit simply cannot go back to the grid, even in the event of a failure of equipment. Our units can fit into a simple Consumer Unit so don't take up masses of space and are very cost effective so we have a really viable solution that satisfies your DNO requirements!




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