G99 & G100 DNO Witness Testing

We can offer G99 & G100 Onsite Witness Testing for your projects Nationwide. Our Senior Engineer is well known with just about all the DNO protection engineers so when they are onsite, they are confident the testing will be completed efficiently and professionally meaning a smooth sign off for your clients.


We can work on the majority of G99 Relay’s available including:

  • ComAp
  • ABB
  • Megacon
  • Woodward
  • DIEF
  • Siemens
  • Micom


With Export Limitation becoming more and more popular we can also carry out the Witness Testing for this for your DNO. We have a Current Injection Test Set that can prove trip points and times so that your DNO can see the system manipulated to real limits which is far more in depth than a type tested device. 


Our extensive experience in the G99 Testing, from battery storage, commercial rooftop solar PV to large ground mounted solar PV parks, CHP plants, Wind Turbines and much more all means that you can have full confidence in a successful G99 Witness Test.



On successful completion of your test we will provide you with the relevant certificates signed by our engineer and the DNO representative.





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